Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Why do you care what other women on the Internet think?

I'm in an amazing Facebook group for Mums. It is awesome - full of advice, recipes, recommendations of good local tradies, support and a huge variety of opinions.

I find it fascinating in an anthropological kind of way - so many different lives and choices. And I find it really heartening to see so much love and hope for our children.

So it is all good... at least until someone mentions private schools or circumcision, and then hold on to your hats ladies because the proverbial is about to hit the fan.

Of course, private schools and circumcision aren't the only two controversial topics but they seem to be the ones that cause the most gnashing of teeth  and disagreements that can last for days (until Admin decides it is all getting too nasty and deletes the post).

The thing that AMAZES me is why everyone cares so much what other people are saying. 

If you have made an educated and thoughtful decision about what is best for your children why do you care AT ALL what other people 1) have decided for their family and 2) think about your decision?

In amongst the millions of choices we make for our kids, my husband and I have made choices about private schools and circumcision. I am confident that we have made the right choices for our family and nothing anyone says (particularly people on the Internet who I don't actually know) will convince me otherwise. 

If someone asks for information about why people have made a certain choice (and I have five minutes to spare) I'm happy to provide some insight in to the reasons for our decisions. Others can do the same. They might agree or disagree - I don't really care*.

*except when it comes to deciding not to immunise you kids in which case I think you are a complete idiot and a danger to my children!

Do you get upset when people on the Internet disagree with choices you have made?

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