Sunday, 7 April 2013

Pip and Posy: The Little Puddle by Axel Scheffler – book review

Nosy Crow, the publisher of Pip and Posy, have done a brilliant thing. When you buy any of their picture books you can use a smart phone to scan the QR code in the front cover for a free audio reading of the book.

Remember those audio books we all had as kids - ‘when you hear this sound *ding ding ding* turn the page’ - well Nosy Crow have turned all their picture books in to one of them and it is free when you buy the book. Genius!

Pip and Posy is a new series written and illustrated by Axel Scheffler, the illustrator of The Gruffalo.

They are very simple stories for very young children. They have lovely bright pictures and they are about every day things.

In The Little Puddle Pip goes to play at his friend Posy’s house, he is having such a good time that he forgets to go to the toilet and has an accident.

In The Super Scooter Posy snatches Pips scooter so she can ride it but then has a nasty crash because she has never ridden a scooter before.

These books aren’t complicated or tricky but I really like them because they are about events that happen to all kids.

I also love the audio book thing – brilliant idea.

Who’ll love this: Children aged 1 ½ to 4.
Cost: $12.99 (plus a free audio version to download... bargain!)
Publisher: Nosy Crow, distributed by Allen and Unwin

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