Thursday, 18 October 2012

What's your favourite kitchen appliance?

My Mum has offered to buy me a Thermomix.

It is incredibly generous of her because they frankly cost a fortune.

Although I know that everyone who has one swears they are the best thing ever, I'm not sure it is worth it. 

I already have a slow cooker, rice cooker, electric wok, mix master, barmix and so on.

And do I really need to be able to make my own caster sugar? They sell it at Coles, you know.

Unless it is going to plan the meal, buy the ingredients, realise it is time to start cooking, feed the kids and wipe their faces afterwards, how much better can the Thermomix be?

Umming and ahhing about a Thermomix, combined with the hideousness of planning a new kitchen, has really got me thinking about the appliances I have and which ones are worth the money.
I've come to the conclusion that, although I do really love my slow cooker, without a shadow of a doubt my favourite kitchen appliance is my electric wok.

It is amazing and makes stir frying so quick and easy. 

I also use it for cooking bolognaise, deep frying ... basically anything that you could do in a frying pan but it is better.

The thing I love most about it is how hot it gets. 

And it stays hot, even if your meat is straight out of the fridge and you can't be bothered cooking it in batches. 


So, what is your favourite kitchen appliance and what collects dust in your cupboard? And if you have a Thermomix is it worth the money?   


  1. My favourite appliance was my Tefal soup and co , also made smoothies,hot chocolate, blends and processes.

    I will use it less in summer probably.

    I do love my portable George Foreman griller and frypan.

    I don't have a Thermomix but I do have a cupboard filled with all the appliances you mentioned. They all get used sometimes.

    1. OMG Trish, I've never heard of a soup and co but frankly, anything that makes hot chocolate could be very dangerous!!!

  2. My favorite kitchen appliance is also my electric wok! I love it!!! Wow, I just use it for stir fry, I didn't know you can even use it to cook anything else! My sister in law has a thermomix and she love it! The main reason is because she said that she has only one kitchen appliance now and she got rid of all the others. I'm not really convinced about it yet...

    1. I'm not convinced either ... how can it be better than an electric wok?

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