Monday, 28 July 2014

Dummie the Mummy and the Golden Scarab by Tosca Menten - book review

I really liked Dummie the Mummy, which is why I was so annoyed that it has swearing in it.

Believe me I'm not holier than thou about swearing, and despite my best intentions I do occasionally swear in front of my kids but I believe that there is a big difference between saying a 'naughty' word when a car pulls out unexpectedly in front of me and writing swear words in publications for kids.

It's just so unnecessary - after all there are lots of other words you can use.

I struggled with this recently when K-Zone used the words 'cr*p' in a comic (in fact I channelled my inner old lady and wrote angry letters to the editor) and I wasn't any happier that Dummie the Mummy has words like 'sh*t', as well as 'damn' and 'hell's teeth' in a book for 9 year olds.

And it is even more ironic because the Dad in Dummie the Mummy doesn't like swearing and invents weird and hilarious phrases like 'Whumpy Dumpman' to use instead!

Anyway, excepting the swearing issue, I really liked Dummie the Mummy. Its a funny, light-hearted, totally unbelievable story about a boy mummy who is hit by lightning, comes back to life and ends up living with with Angus and his father, Nick.

Instead of calling the authorities Angus and Nick decide to pretend that Dummie the Mummy is a distant relative who has lots of bandages because he was burnt in a fire, and keep him. When he starts going to school with Angus pandemonium ensues!

My favourite thing about this story is the way Angus and Nick approach the fact that Dummie is decomposing, ugly and smells... they sit and stare at him until they get used to what he looks like and don't even see it any more, all they see is their friend.

Its a nice thought to leave with kids.

For the most part this the kind of comic novel that 8-11 years olds love, especially boys, Its silly and funny and very light-hearted... if only it didn't have those swear words!
Who'll love it: 8-11 year old boys (with parents who are more relaxed about swearing then me!)
Price: $14.99
Publisher: Penguin Australia

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