Thursday, 31 July 2014

Top tips for running a cake stall

Last weekend I decided to run a cake stall to raise money for the Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia (Australia) charity. Its such an amazing cause and, despite pouring rain and with lots of help, the cake stall was a roaring success.

Here are my top tips and tricks for making your cakes stall as hassle-free and lucrative as possible...
  1. People like old-fashioned cakes like lemon drizzle and orange cake - the kind of thing your Grandma might have for morning tea at home.
  2. People like big cakes.
  3. Learn to make glace icing. It looks delicious, goes hard and won't stick to the bags.
  4. Have some things that lend themselves to freezing, like banana bread. People want to support you and are often happy to buy a more cakes if they can freeze one. 
  5. Matching white plates, cellophane bags (available on ebay) and ribbon make your stall look great, as do table clothes.
  6. Making one or two slices and cutting them up makes LOTS of plates to sell.
  7. Price up - people will pay more than you think but do be conscious of your area's demographic.
  8. Try to make all cakes a round dollar amount. It makes it easier to give change.
  9. Sell cupcakes individually but offer to package them if people want to buy a few. 
  10. Have spare plates and bags.
  11. Have napkins on hand for individual cupcake sales.
  12. You need access to a gazebo. Believe me on this! 
  13. Be friendly and excited about whatever you are raising money for.
  14. Tell your friends what you are doing - they might offer to help makes cakes, or they might be your first customer.
Have you run fundraising cake stalls? What are your top tips?

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