Tuesday, 18 June 2013

No more babies for us... damn you toy catalogues!

Not that long after I met my sister-in-law her youngest and last child turned 1. I was 25 and was absolutely shocked at her sadness at her little boy's birthday, after all he was a a healthy, sweet little thing and there was so many exciting parts of childhood coming up... what was there to be sad about?

This morning I was flicking though the toy sale catalogues and, as I went past the pages with the baby toys on them I felt sick to my stomach. My kids are too old and there's nothing on those pages for our family any more. It feels like the end of an era!

Princess is 2 (going on 5) and we are at the point where we are giving away baby toys, not buying them. And, despite the joy I feel as every box of toys leaves our house (!!!!), I also feel really sad that the baby pages in catalogues aren't for me any more.

Even worse, now that Princess has finally gone up to size 2 we have to shop in the GIRLS section, instead of the baby section. It's gut wrenching!

And even though I'm really looking forward to all the good things that will come as our kids get older, and I am endlessly grateful for my happy, healthy little people I kind of miss the babies that they were and am a little bit sad that there won't be more.

Damn you toy catalogues!

Oh and yes, I do know that it is more pathetic to be upset over catalogues than birthdays!

In your experience is it possible to feel that your family is complete but still be sad to not have more babies?

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