Sunday, 26 May 2013

A long time between blogging drinks....

This is totally what my life feels like at the moment!
I guess it happens to everyone at some stage but sometime around March I fell off the blogging band wagon!

Life has just been crazy for the last few months and, although I keep thinking 'of I should blog about that', I just haven't had time.

But I'm back now and here, in no particular order, are my excuses.

- We went on holiday to Lord Howe Island. It is the most beautiful place in the world. There was a cyclone while we were there. I'll do a whole blog on our crazy holiday so stay tuned.

- We renovated our kitchen. This was a bit of a comedy of errors where pretty much everything went wrong but the end result is amazing. I'll post pics soon.

- Our local Council is being difficult about the lease of the building where my son goes to preschool. I'm sure I'll have more to say about this. For the moment I'll leave it at... "You mess with the kids, you mess with the Mummy!"

- I have a new client and we have been getting settled in. I write blogs for small businesses and, although I REALLY love it, there is always a bit of a process at the beginning while we work out how we work together, I get used to their voice etc.

- I'm doing a musical. It doesn't fit in to my life, I really don't have time and I am generally grossly under prepared at rehearsal but I love it and I figure that I'm never going to find 6 spare hours a week unless I commit to something and am forced to!

But I am determined not to be one of those people who blog for a while and then stop. I love writing and I love the way it forces me to stop and actually think about my life!

There you go... the blogging equivalent of of 'the dog ate my homework'.

Do you struggle to blog regularly?  


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