Wednesday, 28 November 2012

RSPCA Bumper Book of Pets by Lex Hirst - book review

We weren't a 'pet family' when I was growing up and even now that I'm the parent we still don't have any animals (mostly out of laziness).

But if we were going to get a pet the RSPCA Bumper Book of Pets would be a brilliant place to start our research because it is just so sensible.

The first section of the book is all about common pets and deals with everything from horses to ferrets. It has a check list of things to think about before you get a pet and then, animal by animal, talks about cost, size, accommodation and bedding, how long they live and so much more.

Further back in the book there is also a section on farmyard animals and wildlife which has lots of pictures and information.

The very back section is called Fun Stuff and has jokes and activities that animal mad kids would really enjoy.

Basically, if you have a child that is into animals this book would definitely be a winner.

Who'll love it: Animal mad, primary school aged kids, plus it would be a really good resource for any family trying to decide what kind of pet to get.
Cost: $19.95
Publisher: Random House Australia

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