Thursday, 13 December 2012

Andy Roid and the Turbine Runaways by Felice Arena - book review

This is a fantastic book (and series for that matter) for boys who are in the early stages of being able to read chapter books on their own.

Andy Roid is exciting, fast paced and really sucks you in!

Andy Roid and the Turbine Runaways is the fifth book in series about a boy who is half boy and half machine.

Author Felice Arena also wrote the best-selling Specky Magee series and he clearly knows just what his audience want.

In this book Andy has been separated from his parents and is still on the run from the mysterious and alarming Dr Baffi who wants to use him as a human lab rat. Luckily he has 'teen agent' Judd and Agent Granny to protect him...

I was honestly taken aback at how much I enjoyed this book. The story is fun, thrilling and totally unbelievable, and I enjoyed every one of the 85 pages.

The book had big text, short chapters and an illustration at the start of each chapter so it wouldn't be too daunting for kids who are just getting in to chapter books.

Honestly, if you are looking for a Christmas present for a boy aged between about 6 (his parents would probably need to read it to him) and ten you aren't going to go wrong with Andy Roid!

Who'll love it: Boys aged 7-10
Cost: $9.95
Publisher: Penguin Books Australia   

** I am sent review copies of books from publishers but don't get paid to write reviews. I only review the books I like and am under no pressure from publishers to write a positive review.**

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