Tuesday, 27 November 2012

I hate ironing!

In my husband's dreams!
My annual iron fest is coming up and it has got me thinking about the 'I' word.

I really hate ironing and for the most part I don't do it. It is boring and hot and frankly I have better things to do with my time.

To quote my mother; "You're a long time dead" to which I have added "So why would you bother ironing?"

With that in mind the ironing policy in our house is as follows:

  • My stepsons are old enough to do their own (and so be it if they don't). 
  • My husband is certainly old enough to do his own. 
  • My little kids look the same after 10 minutes whether I have ironed their clothes or not. 
  • I don't buy myself clothes that need to be ironed. Sometimes, when I see a beautiful white linen shirt, that makes me sad but for the most part it is a sacrifice I am more than happy to make.

But when we all go to church on Christmas Day it is important to me that we look nice so on Christmas Eve I have my annual iron fest and iron everyone's clothes for the next day.

That reminds me how stupid it is and how much I hate it and I'm pretty much done for the next year.

In my defence, I am incredibly careful how I bring the clothes in from the line so we don't look too rumpled. I fold the clothes straight away and woe betide the child that play in the baskets of clean washing and gets them crumpled.

I also follow one fantastic piece of advice from Maggie Alderson who, in her SMH column, once said to always peg your t-shirts under the arms so you don't get visible peg marks. She probably doesn't even remember but she rocked my world that day!

Do you waste your life iron?

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  1. I HAVE to iron cause I need my wardrobes to look neat. But then I am one of those freaks who irons towels,sheets, undies and anything between. And yes, I do have better things to do with my time, but quite frankly it seriously disturbs me and stresses me when the ironing isnt done.
    Well done you for being able to not iron :)


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