Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Too Cold for a Tutu by Mini Goss - book review

Too Cold for a Tutu is one of the cutest things I have seen for ages!

Stella and Barry are knitted toy dogs and the story, all about getting dressed, playing and using your imagination, is illustrated using photographs of them.

The production quality of the book is amazing and the pictures are so lovely that the story is almost irrelevant.

Completely computer generated illustrations can be incredible but the pictures in Too Cold for a Tutu have reminded me that sometimes computer illustration can lack something indescribable, perhaps warmth or personality.

The story starts with Barry and Stella getting dressed - Barry is practical and puts on his new 'Nana-knitted cardigan'. Stella puts on her tutu.

This section of the book is great. The text wraps around the pictures and points to each item of clothing so it would be fantastic for the stage where your children are learning names of clothes.

When Stella and Barry get out into the garden they can't find anything they want to play together (a painfully familiar problem for parents) but eventually they realise they can use their imaginations (and Barry's cardigan) and away they go.
This book is engaging, quirky and precocious and I just love it to bits.

My feeling is that it would appeal more to girls, although boys would enjoy it too. And it would be a beautiful gift, especially the hardcover edition.

In amongst the dedication and copyright information at the back Mini Goss describes the wool that made the Barry and Stella toys, and where all the scraps of material that made their clothes came from. It's a lovely touch and makes you appreciate how much work and love went into the book.
Too Cold for a Tutu is the start of a series about Stella and Barry, and they have a website with games and more stories.

Who'll love this book: Little girls who love tutus and all grandmas, plus pretty much everyone else (although boys might deny it).
Cost: $19.99
Published by Allen & Unwin

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