Sunday, 5 August 2012

I hate playing cars!

If I'm honest, I really hate playing cars with my son.

I feel a bit guilty about it, like I should be cherishing this time with him, but pushing tiny cars and diggers around the floor making brrrm brrrm sounds is boring and stupid and I can't believe that it is so fun for small boys.

But it is and so, perhaps not as graciously I might have done, I have spent hours sitting on the floor playing cars with Wild Man.

Spunky Rat is way better at it than me, and even seems to enjoy it (which I assume is his subconscious remembering when he was a small boy).

I can't believe that men have nerve to knock girls for playing Barbies when they like to play cars!

So imagine my excitement when Wild Man decided he would like to make 'dough-osaurs' like we saw on Play School.

For the sadly ignorant dough-osaurs are dinosaurs made of play dough.

Wild Man loves dinosaurs and we have an awesome dinosaur encyclopedia so we have made a fair variety of dough-osaurs ... highlights include a family of Stegosaurus, a Triceratops and a particularly fierce Ankylosaurus.

We also make trees for them to eat (or smaller dinosaurs if appropriate), caves for them to live in, snakes for them to step on (WM is good at making snakes!) and rivers for them to swim in.

And it is fun for both of us.

It's nice to be a bit creative (and to be reminded that however inept your Ankylosaurus-making, to your three year old you are a genius) and then we have lots of fun playing with our dough-osaurs.

Its also nice to have found a sitting down game that Wild Man and I both enjoy and which doesn't involved the phrase brrrm brrrm!

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