Monday, 9 July 2012

Ode to a passive agressive cook and housekeeper!

My Mum once read an article that said it sends a bad message to your children if, as the cook, you always give yourself the smallest piece of chicken, or the piece of steak that got a bit burnt around the edges.

No need for her to worry, that doesn't happen here!!!

My attitude is that I am the poor sucker that had to cook dinner so I always give myself the best one, the biggest one, the serving with the most prawns.

Of course that doesn't apply to guests ... just to my family.

And, in my defence, I would expect anyone else who cooked dinner to do the same ... it's just that no one ever cooks apart from me.

That attitude kind of stretches across all our housework actually.

If there is half a load of muddy three-year-old boy washing, or my husband's foul soccer gear, you can bet that none of my clothes make up the other half.

But all the clothes end up clean and no one else knows. And if someone else does some washing they're welcome to do whatever they like to my clothes ... but no one else does!

Am I being passsive agressive in response to the overwhelming and thankless task of looking after a family of six?

Perhaps, but I would prefer to think of it as rewarding myself for my hardwork.

And given that the rest of my family is oblivious to their supposed suffering, why not!

Do you give yourself the worst dinner? or reward yourself?

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