Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sometimes your friends blow your mind!

You know how sometimes you have those moments when a friend really blows you away with some previously undisclosed talent and you are left standing there saying to yourself 'bloody hell, I know that person'.

Well I had one of those moments on the weekend.

A really lovely friend of mine, Naomi, and her husband Gregory have opened a restaurant in  Newtown. Its called Hartsyard.

Over the last 6 months, while our kids are playing at the park, I've heard all about the trial and tribulations of getting a restaurant up and running, I've sympathised about their exhaustion and marvelled at their dedication.

I was delighted when they got really positive reviews, and pleased and relieved that is has proved extremely popular.

But I really had no idea how incredible their achievement is, or how incredible they are, until I went there for dinner on Saturday night.

We were driving down the street, looking for the restaurant when my husband suddenly exclaimed "Wow, look at how popular that place is ... hang on, that's it."

Hartsyard was packed with a cheerful crowd of happy customers. Suffice to say they aren't relying on friends to fill the tables.

The atmosphere Naomi and Gregory have created it awesome - relaxed but special.

Naomi made sure every customer felt welcome and the food was out of this world, every dish we had was mind-blowing.

Who knew Gregory could cook like that? I've had really nice beetroot dip that he'd made at a BBQ once but it didn't in any way prepare me for the food at his restaurant (obviously!).

I guess it's one thing to know that your friend's husband is a top chef, but something else to eat his food.

But the most amazing thing was that friends of mine have created this place. Friends that seem normal, that seem like me, have this amazing talent.

It's their baby, their dream and they've made it come true and now other people love it too.

In fact, the only thing I didn't like about our evening was that I wanted to lick my plate and even though Hartsyard is a relaxed restaurant, it's not quite that relaxed! And while I'm busy marvelling at my amazing friends, I don't want them to be mortifed by their embarrassing one.
So, if you do decide to go to Hartsyard for dinner one night (and I'd highly recommend that you do) check out Naomi and Gregory ... they're my friends ... how cool am I!

Have you ever been totally amazed by a friend who can do something incredible?

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