Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Liquid eyeliner and why mothers should wear it.

I always used to wear eyeliner.

I think I have quite small eyes so it helps make them stand out a bit.

For a while after I had Wild Man I was too tired and overwhelmed to wear any make-up. It was all I could do to brush my teeth each day.

But gradually life came back under control. I started wearing make-up again and made a horrible discovery ... pencil eyeliner smudges really easily and when you are a tired mother you rub your eyes a lot!

Not a great combination.

I persevered for a while but each time I went near a mirror I was horrified by the black smudges around my eyes. Eventually I just gave up and resigned myself to beady little smudge-free eyes.

But recently I discovered liquid eyeliner.

It is slightly harder to put on than pencil but once it is dry it doesn't smudge, no matter how much I rub my eyes.

Happy days.

It's amazing how much more together a little bit of eyeliner makes a girl feel.

What super fast make-up tricks do you have?

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