Saturday, 12 May 2012

Don't call me, I'll text you! or why Lynne Truss and phone calls have no place in Mummy communication

My sister often calls me at 5.30pm.

It is a great time in her house, her husband is bathing their daughter and she has 20 minutes to herself.

It is a TERRIBLE time in my house; both kids are being fed, they're tired and in a bad mood (and frankly, so am I).

Although I love chatting to my sister, if she calls at 5.30pm she gets about 1% of my brain space, and a fairly terse 1% at that.

And therein lies the reason I don't really like talking on the phone since I had kids ... you can't see what is happening in the other person's house and if they have small kids the chances that you fluke calling in the 5 minutes of the day that they have to themselves is fairly small.

And to be honest I spend all day talking (mostly about diggers and dinosaurs) and, although I'd love to chat, my need to lie on the couch reading a trashy romance novel is greater.

Which is why I'm so grateful I live in the era of text messages and emails.

These are genius forms of communication for mothers - they can be sent at any time, you can read them at any time, and then you can respond when you have time. Perfect!  
Yesterday I received an excellent example of a Mummy to Mummy email - probably typed at 2.30am, or perhaps while my friend was feeding her toddler with one hand and typing with the other.
It read like this:
"you went public.
good on you lady
haven't a chance to look at the mo' but i will
so so so great eeing you
come over this tue if you're free...
i owe you tupperward

I'll translate - she had seen my blog but hadn't read it. We had coffee last week and it was lovely. An invitation for this week. She has a plastic container of mine from when I took her over a casserole recently. And she loves me.

Given the typo in tupperware, I'd say time was up and she needed to get the last line typed before rushing back to her child.

See, everything I needed to know in a form that fits perfectly into our lives.

Recently I sent a text message to a friend that read like this:
"Park thurs usual time/place?"

I sent it at 11.35pm and she replied at 5.40am. Perfect.

Now, although I am far from flawless, I lament the dumbing down of the English language as much as the next person (I would still argue that it is inexcusable in newspapers, books or on official websites).

I laughed in a horrified way as I read my way through Lynne Truss' books and mentally garotted anyone who could be so slack ... but that was before children.  

Capitals, proper sentences and punctuation are for people with more spare time then stay-at-home Mums with crazy toddlers.

And so are phone conversations!

How do you communicate now you have kids? And do you think that near enough is good enough when it comes to grammar and spelling in texts and casual emails?


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE.. SOOOO SOOO right.... have to go baby crying... :)

    1. Thanks SAH, there aren't enough hours in the day, are there!

  2. Who are you friends with? Seriously.
    Have just skim-read last few blogs.
    Can you make a separate spot for the recipes? For stressed-out-mums-who-still-like-to-cook-instead-of-buy so I can steal some?

  3. Hi - visiting via Dr Bron's linky.
    As I am also a mum I had no trouble translating your friend's text message! My sister and I are also out of sync, as her boy's a toddler and my two are Grade 1. We get around it by texting and arranging occasional times to meet or call. I am grateful to Words with Friends as that's often the only way I'm keeping in touch with other friends with kids until it gets more convenient!

    1. Hey Jackie,
      Its so hard to find time to communicate now, isn't it!! I'll have to try Words with Friends. I'm endlessly grateful for Facebook because at least I'll be able to track down all the friend I've lost contact with (assuming that at some point I have more time!).
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I love this... my friends and I have ongoing text message convos for months! We keep in touch, we express our feelings and fill each other in what is happening! In our own time. Perfect. x
    Visiting from Dr Bron!

  5. HI - also visiting from Dr Brons linky thing.... I LOVE texting.... Straight to the point and you can do it anywhere...LOVE it!!!! great post.....


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