Sunday, 13 May 2012

Why motherhood is like making Donna Hay Vanilla Cupcakes

Donna Hay Vanilla Cupcakes are the perfect analogy for motherhood!

Yesterday was the first Mother's Day that Wild Man has really been aware of and he was beside himself with excitement.

His preschool had a Mother's Day stall and he chose me the Donna Hay Vanilla Cupcake pack. They came wrapped in paper he had painted himself and he was so cute about the whole thing that I got quite teary.

We had a nice relaxing morning and after lunch Wild Man insisted (in fact that should probably read INSISTED!!!) that we make the cakes.

Not exactly the Mother's Day afternoon spent lying on the couch that I had hoped for.

My husband took the opportunity to clean the gutters and Wild Man was so excited about baking (never a calm experience with him, bless him) that he woke Princess up.

Today the delicious cupcakes are being consumed by the whole family.

To me that's exactly the way motherhood is.

Even when something is supposed to be for you, you give and give and give to the people you love. And you are glad to do it.

I didn't want to make cakes yesterday but Wild Man did, so that's what we did. And ever though they are theoretically my cakes (lets ignore the pros and cons of eating 12 massive cupcakes) my whole family is enjoying them.

And I don't mind at all.

That's motherhood for you.

When you have your first child something amazing happens to you and suddenly you are the happiest when you are making the people you love happy, even if it is at your own expense.

So happy belated Mother's Day to all the amazing Mums out there. No wonder we are all so bloody tired!

What did you get for Mother's Day? And did you get a chance to have a rest?


  1. Even though I am not a mother, I shall comment.
    I gave her Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals cookbook that she asked for. But also, as a tiny surprise, 2 homemade body scrubs. One was coffee, cinnamon and sugar. The other coconut oil and brown sugar. They smelt like heaven. Organic, fair trade, save the planet scrubs. She seemed very happy.
    We all went out to lunch. Daddy drank too much, and mum doesn't trust me with her car. So she drove home. I felt bad about that.

  2. Hey Miss M,
    Sounds like your Mum got pretty spoilt! I'm sure she had a wonderful day - it sounds twee but honestly, being together is what matters.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Well, I got a pot of dirt (that I am told will mature into some kind of plant sometime in the future ... but knowing Mr 2 he may have just eaten the seeds instead) and boxing focus pads. Hubby has decided the best role model for the children is if I beat him up with discipline (i.e. boxing for fitness) rather than the haphazard way I had been doing up till now.
    As for a rest - we had a kid-free day today and that was perfect :)


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