Saturday, 2 November 2013

Seadog by Claire Saxbuy, illustrated by Tom Jellett - book review

Seadog is a lovely story about a crazy, joyous mutt who loves the beach.

The illustrations are scratchy but so full of life, colour and exuberance that you will find yourself smiling as you look at them.

If you children love the beach, they'll really enjoy watching Seadog jump in the waves and chase the seagulls - it really makes you realise that what dogs want to do at the beach and what kids want to do at the beach are really very similar.

I also really love the way the narrator (presumably Seadog's young owner) accepts all the things that Seadog isn't and relishes what his dog is!

The rhyming text has lots of repetition and it is definitely the kind of book that kids will love and want to be read over and over again until they can recite the story with you.
Who'll love it: Kids aged about 3 to 5, perhaps slightly more boys than girls.
Cost: $19.95
Publisher: Random House Australia

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