Friday, 1 November 2013

Bertie by Pamela Allen - book review

Not many Australian parents will get through the early years of reading to their kids without coming across at least one book by the incredible Pamela Allen. In fact, it seems that most of us can recite large chunks of our children's favourite Pamela Allen book with no trouble at all!

In Bertie, Pamela reintroduces Bertie, the little boy from Bertie and the Bear. If you read the book from one end Bertie is happy (and so is everyone else) but if you start from the other end Bertie is sad (and so is everyone else).

It's a great way to introduce a young child to feelings and emotions, and perhaps you can decide together whether you are feeling happy or sad, and read the appropriate part of the book.

As always Pamela Allen's artwork is incredible - clean and clear but absolutely full of life.

The repetitive text will really appeal to young children (and get stuck in their parent's heads!) and I'm sure that if you start at the 'sad' end by the time you are finished reading you'll be happy again.

Who'll love it: All two and three year olds
Cost: $19.99 (hardcover)
Publisher: Penguin Books Australia 

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