Monday, 25 March 2013

Ten fashion tips for Mums (mostly learnt from Play School)

Most Mums will tell you that going from working an office (wearing some fabulous little outfit you spent hours shopping for) to staying at home with your kids is a big fashion adjustment, especially at a time when you usually only have one income and are likely to be feeling a little insecure about your body.

In the beginning you don't care - frankly getting out of your PJs is an achievement in the early days but eventually you will start to be less exhausted and overwhelmed, you will start to leave your house and you will start to question what the hell to wear when your day revolves around finger paint and trips to the park.

I floundered in the blackhole of 'Mummy clothes' for a long time. I still wouldn't say I am out the other side but I do have more idea, make more effort and feel better about myself than I used to.

So here are my top ten tips to help you find your Mummy style!
  1. Most days you will wear jeans. Accept it and buy a couple of pairs that you love. 
  2. Bright coloured tops are the answer, otherwise you will feel like you wear the same outfit (black top and jeans) every day.
  3. Layer - this will make you look younger, like you made an effort and has the added benefit that if your baby is sick on you (or worse) you can just remove the top layer.
  4. Accessories make you look like you made an effort, particularly scarves.
  5. Sunglassses are your best friend. Buy a pair you love and protect them from your children.
  6. Consider wood chip when choosing your shoes. Most parks have embraced wood chip as the soft fall of choice. It gets in your shoes so either wear slides of some kind so you can just shake it out, or full enclosed shoes that it can't get in to.
  7. Make a tiny bit of effort with your hair. Just adding a clip or small braid at the front and then pulling the rest into a pony tail will make you look and feel like you made an effort. 
  8. This is not the time in your life when you should be buying expensive tops. Whether they cost $5 or $50 your kids are going to put stains on them. Go for quantity not quality.
  9. Paint your toe nails. It will seriously make you feel better about yourself (and make your thongs seem like a fashion choice instead of the easiest option to put on while carrying two children, three dinosaurs, a nappy bag and a bike.) 
  10. If you run out of ideas .. watch Play School. The presenters look casual, attractive and fun. They're wearing jeans but you never doubt that they made an effort, and looked in the mirror before they left the house.
What do you wear to the park?

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