Monday, 4 February 2013

Why change if it ain't broken?

They have changed the schedule at Wild Man's preschool this year. Instead of finishing the day with group time inside the kids now have free time from 2.30 to 3pm and we can just pick them up whenever suits us in that time.

I don't like it.

Last year, when they finished with group time inside, my favourite part of the whole week was seeing Wild Man come to the door with all the other kids. He would spot me waiting for him and his whole face would light up.

It was pure mothering bliss.

I also miss having time to catch up with the other Mums. Having to wait for the kids outside was really social. They kids didn't come out until 3pm so we all had a chance to have a few minutes chat. Now, everyone just tends to grab their kid and go.

My other concern is that the old way seemed safer. I know the teachers provide excellent supervision but surely having all the kids leave from the same door at the same time decreases the chance that a child could leave with someone they aren't supposed to?

And I think it is better for kids who will be going to school next year to learn about finishing as a group and leaving the classroom as a group? (although I can see that the new way would be better for Mums who need to pick up early so they can be on time to collect their school aged children).

Mostly though, I just really miss seeing my beautiful little man's happy smile when he looked out the door and saw me waiting for him.

What is your favourite moment in the week?

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