Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Floods: Bewitched by Colin Thompson - book review

Colin Thompson is a very funny guy!

Bewitched is the 12th book in his series, The Floods, and it is no less hilarious than the first one.

Full of pop culture puns and jokes that would be worthy of any 'Dad', I honestly found myself giggling out loud.

The Floods are a family of witches and wizards who just happen to be the royal family of Transylvania Waters (and completely mental). They're a little bit reminiscent of the Adams Family but a bit more crazy if that is possible.

In Bewitched Nerlin Flood (the King) is getting older and his family is very concerned that he is slipping into Doolallyness ... he has even stopped eating broccoli in case it gives him global warming!

The family decide to take him to see the Old Crones in the hope that they can save Nerlin from spending the rest of his life in incompetence pants.

My favourite part of the book are the first person footnotes from Colin Thompson - they explain some of the back story to The Floods and increase the feeling that this is a story being told to you by a favourite, hilarious and crazy uncle!

Interspersed with the story are small black and white drawings by Colin Thompson which help break the text up for younger readers.

Frankly the Floods are all a bit mental but they are very, very fun.

Who'll love this: 9 - 13 year olds who love a good giggle.
Cost: $14.95

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