Sunday, 11 November 2012

First world problem: who has ownership of the toothpaste?

This is petty. 

I know it is petty and definitely a first world problem but...

When I recently took Princess to hospital, as I was packing my toiletries, I carefully packed the spare tube of kid’s toothpaste for myself, rather than the single tube of grown-up toothpaste that was open on the bathroom sink.

My reasoning was simple – I didn’t want to take the ‘good’ toothpaste and leave Spunk Rat with the crappy kiddy stuff.

Two weeks later Spunk Rat went to Melbourne for work and he packed the good, grown-up toothpaste leaving me with the dud kid’s stuff that tastes of banana (AGAIN). Arrh!

I know this is pathetic and petty, I honestly do, and I also know that Spunk Rat was oblivious to the fact that I had previously sacrificed myself and taken the less good toothpaste. 

I’m am 100% confident he gave it absolutely no thought at all. 

But still, it was annoying!

So  who was right? If you are the one going away for a few days do you have a ‘right’ to the ‘good’ toothpaste?

PS. I do know that the answer is to buy a spare grown-up toothpaste and keep it in the cupboard but you’re crediting me with more organisational ability than I currently have!


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