Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Who's your baby?

So, I went to the park recently and I saw two boys who I immediately recognised.

One glance and a selection of stories about them and images of them flashed up from the depths of my memory.

But I couldn't place how I knew them.

Eventually I realised that they are the children of a Mum whose blog I read relatively regularly and, in fact, I don't know them at all.

I was completely intrigued by them. It was like seeing the kids of a famous person but better because I had heard the stories from their Mum so they were clearly true.

I was sorely tempted to comment on their Mum's blog and tell her what lovely kids she has. But then it occurred to me that that would be very weird because I DON'T actually know them, or her for that matter.

And that got me thinking ... is it a good thing that I recognised them and knew so much about them?

Clearly I don't feel comfortable blogging about my kids in a way that makes them recognisable. I live in fear that Wild Man's future employer will one day Google him and be able to read all about his behaviour as a three-year-old.

Other people do feel comfortable posting about their kids in a more specific way and that's entirely their decision.

There's no right and wrong here, everyone's blog and life are different and I'm in favour of the live and let live approach to these things.

But seeing these kids at the park did make me feel a little uncomfortable on their behalf.

How would they feel, knowing that this strange lady at the park knows so much about them? Quite possibly they would thrive on the attention. Maybe not. Who knows.

A.A.Milne's son, Christopher Robin, spent the rest of his life angry that his father had included him in his stories. I wonder how our children (however they are described) will feel in the future - will they read our blogs and consider them to be a lovely record of the ups and downs of motherhood, or will they feel that their privacy has been invaded?

Only time will tell, I guess.

What do you think? I'd LOVE to know. How have you come to your decisions on this and do you have any regrets?


  1. They will cranky if you spent so much time blogging that you didn't actually spend time with them, or if they feel humiliated or ridiculed, which was Mr Robin's beef, yes?

  2. I agree Alyssa, apparently CR got hideously teased at school ... fingers crossed I'm never a famous enough Mummy blogger that that happens to my kids : )


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