Thursday, 25 October 2012

I've had quite a day!

My current favourite quote from our repertoire of kid's books is from Dr Seuss' Sleep Book and it goes like this:

"And people are gradually starting to say,
I feel rather drowsy. I've had quite a day."

Well, it has definitely been quite a few days here, and I would love to go to bed.

It all started two and a half weeks ago when Princess needed to go to hospital for 4 days.

Then Spunk Rat went interstate for work.

Then I organised a Fun Day at Wild Man's preschool. Very successful and satisfying but exhausting.

Then I took both my kids to emergency at the same time.

Then I was my lovely sister-in-law's birth partner when my little bro didn't make it back from his work overseas in time! (amazing, this one deserves a whole blog post!)

Then it turns out Princess needs more tests. She's OK but its all a bit stressful and I've frankly had enough of trying to get a one and a half year old girl to pee in a jar.

And then I took Wild Man to an E, N&T specialist and he needs grommets and his adenoids out.

It is all happening at our house! It is times like this you definitely need a village to help.


  1. a very cruisy opposite sort of day at our house. Whilst sipping my flat white and eating rasberry tart at a cafe I was reading this to my littlest, even more grateful for that moment after reading about your day, hope it improves for the weekend.

    1. A much better weekend at our house! Thank goodness : )


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