Tuesday, 2 October 2012

When your 3 year old finds money who does it belong to?

Yesterday Wild Man and I were in the Botanic Gardens in the city when he suddenly announced he needed to do a poo. Of course there wasn't a toilet in sight and as we have had a few accidents recently I resigned myself to taking him into a garden, behind a bush and getting him to go into a plastic bag - nice.

As you can imagine I was feeling a little sorry for myself at that point!

When we went into the garden (apologies to the amazing horticulturalists who work there, I know it is against the rules but this was seriously desperate times) Wild Man commented that the bush had red berries and money on it and could he eat the berries.

I was more concerned with the matter at hand and pretty much ignored what he said.

After the toileting was done I started ushering Wild Man out of the garden when he suddenly said 'Don't forget the money."

I said "Oh sweetie, it won't be money it will just be shiny rubbish."

He said "It IS money - look."

And I did and lo, there was a $50 note in the bush.

No one else was around and it seemed to have been there for a while so we took it.

But who does it belong to?

Me or Wild Man?

Clearly it was him that found it but he already has more toys than any three year old could possibly use and he gets lots of treats and outings and frankly doesn't need any more.

Plus he had just got to the end of a star chart (ironically for using the toilet) and been rewarded with a Fireman Sam DVD.

In the end I figured it could pay for the 'special big boy's day out without Princess' that we were enjoying in the city and also gave him $5 for his money box.

After all, he doesn't really understand the difference between $5 and $50 yet.

Plus if he used the money to buy the fire engine he has been eyeing at the shops what will Santa bring him for Christmas?

Was that the right thing to do? Whose money do you think it was?

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