Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Ode to the hose

The single thing that entertains Wild Man the best, without any input from me, is our garden hose so I've written a poem in its honour.  (And yes, I am hysterical with sleep deprivation - thanks Princess!).

Ode to our hose
I'm sorry to Sydney's water supply
But so grateful for your help in making the day go by.

Whenever I have something I need to do
I send Wild Man out to play with you.

Time for myself or a cup of tea,
"I'll turn on the hose" I say with glee.

In the sandpit, in the paddling pool,
If I turned it off, I'd be a fool!

A change of clothes is a small price to pay
For something that uses a big chunk of the day.

And its a healthy and outdoorsy kind of pursuit
And from the veranda it looks really cute.

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