Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Getting dinner Yum Cha style - a Mummy tip

When you have a baby you really learn what you can and can't do one handed.

Chopping up a toddler's dinner is one of the things I really struggled to do one handed ... until I took a leaf out of the Yum Cha restaurants' book and started chopping it up with scissors.

My revelation went like this ... the ladies pushing the Yum Cha trolleys need to cut your spring rolls in half, but they need one hand to hold the plate because there isn't anywhere to put it down so they cut the rolls with scissors.

There's no sawing and the food doesn't get pushed off the plate. It is neat, easy and one handed.

Believe me, even if both your hands are available using scissors is so much easier than trying to chop up spag bol with a knife and fork.

And if you are trying to get dinner while holding a baby .... it is so much easier that I have no words!

Seriously people, try the scissors!

1 comment:

  1. Hmm, guess the chinese mums have this trick down - we never went anywhere without a ziplock bag with scissors and a damp washer. You can even get scissors in little plastic cases from the chinese $2 shops. Even with a 3yr old we still find it helpful :)

    (Full disclosure: I learnt that trick from my fully chinese cousins)


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