Tuesday, 25 September 2012

What do you do when your waters break in a supermarket?

It seems like everyone around me is about to give birth any moment.

And I do mean any moment ... my beautiful sister is currently 8 days over due with her second. She says the baby is too scared to come out because it knows how cranky its Mummy is!

Anyway, all these bumps have got me thinking about my favourite pregnancy and labour stories and I thought I would share this particularly impressive one with you...

A friend of my sisters was nine months pregnant and doing the grocery shopping with her husband.

Unexpectedly and without ANY warning her waters broke.

Did she panic (given that she was clearly about to become a mother)? No.

Did she scream for someone to call an ambulance? No.

With mind boggling presence of mind (and clearly a fair bit of embarrassment about the mess on the floor) she instructed her husband to run along to aisle 2 and get a jar of gherkins.

When he came back she carefully smashed the jar into her little puddle.

The green liquid and strong smell camouflaged the amniotic fluid very nicely and as she left the shop (on her way to the hospital) she calmly told one of the 15-year-olds working that day that she had dropped a jar of gherkins in aisle 5 and perhaps someone should clean up the broken glass.


Do you have a favourite crazy pregnancy or labour story?


  1. Classic! I dont know if it counts as a dramatic birth story but my sister in law once delivered a baby in the lift on the way up to the maternity ward. So near and yet so far.
    Love Mumabulous

    1. I'm so impressed with her presence of mind!!! Delivering a baby in a lift is amazing ... now that I've had mine I'd love to see someone else giving birth!

  2. Bahaha! That's hilarious! That's definitely a dramatic start! Love how she kept cool :)

  3. Now that's quick thinking and keeping her cool. I'm sure her husband was equally impressed or appalled lol

  4. Love this story...I have nominated you for an award-check out www.mummymanifesto.com
    Cheers lisa


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