Friday, 20 April 2012

What to pack in your labour bag?

When I was pregnant with Wild Man I spent a serious amount of time researching what to take to hospital (because clearly if I didn't have the right *whatever* the world would end). I came up with a list which stood me in good stead through two children and has also been used by a number of my friends. Hopefully it will help you too.
Labour bag
Socks - weirdly your feet get really cold.
A spare t-shirt or nightie - labour can be messy and sweaty
Heat pack x 2 - so you can still have one on your tummy while your 'helper' heats the other one
Music - for inspiration, energy and to relieve the boredom.
Book - it is mind boggling I know but there are long boring bits especially if you have an epidural.
Essential oil - one that is calming and one that is energising.
Tennis ball - great for massaging your back during contractions.
Massage oil
Camera – charged!
Snacks - you may or may not be hungry but your helper will be.
Swimmers for your helper - you probably won't care about being naked in the shower but if you want your birth partner with you they would probably feel more confortable in swimmers.
Hospital bag
Flushable wipes - these are amazingly helpful in the few days after your baby is born when everything is a bit sore. They are more gentle than toilet paper and help with the sting of wee on stitches.
Nipple cream – learning to breastfeed can be a bit hard on your nipples. As far as I'm concerned Lansinoh is the only brand to get.
Ear plugs - especially if you are going to be sharing a room.
Dummy - if your baby has been crying for hours that day before your milk comes in you might want one, just in case.
Lots of underpants – get an size bigger than usual so the maternity pads fit in them comfortably.
Couple of pairs high waisted 'Nanna' style undies - if you have a caesarian it might be more comfortable to have the waist band of your undies away from your scar.
Snacks - you can't imagine how hungry you'll be.
Something to occupy your time - a book or magazine or whatever.
Tomato sauce style squirt bottle – for washing any stitches after you wee.
Breast pads (just a couple) – I liked Rite Aid
Maternity pads – I liked Kotex best.
Breast feeding singlets - a lot of midwives are going to help you learn to breastfeed and you might feel more comfortable if you don't have your top gaping open.
Clothes for baby to go home in.

A wrap for taking baby home.
Plus, of course, pyjamas, clothes, toothbrush etc etc etc.

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