Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Fireman Sam, my hero!

Today is just one of those days.

Wild Man is being incredibly naughty and driving me insane. I'd like to say I have handled this brilliantly, but in fact I have a sore throat from screaming at him and am currently drinking a glass of wine, despite the fact that it is only 4pm!

Princess isn't much better. She is impossible to please today and cries every time I put her down. Ahhh!

Sometimes, on bad days, I day dream about going back to work but today has been so grim that I am dreaming of a live-in job.

In total desperation I have turned on the TV in the hope that it will put them both in a coma. It is only half working on Wild Man, but Princess is enthralled.

As a pathetically smug first time mother of a 4 month old I once swore that I would never use TV as a babysitter. In fact, I think my policy was going to be that my kids could watch Playschool once a day and that was all. Ha ha ha. How ignorant was I!

Thank goodness for TV, and expecially for ABC 4 Kids. I know too much TV is bad for kids but I really think that the occassional afternoon in front of the box is less damaging to my children than having their mother screaming hysterically at them for hours on end.

Some days you just need a circuit  breaker and in our house that currently comes in the form of the 'hero next door'.

Thanks Fireman Sam! You're cool, calm and today you're my saviour! 

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