Sunday, 4 May 2014

To Get to Me by Eleanor Kerr, illustrated by Judith Rossell - book review

To Get to Me comes from a very, very simple idea but it is so cleverly executed that the end result is brilliant.

Everyone who has friends or family who travel or live overseas knows how hard it can be to explain to small children about the world, all the people and places in it, and the different ways of travelling around it. Well, it isn't hard any more!

From buses to camels, from a ferry to a chairlift, To Get to Me is a story about getting from one side of the world to the other, and all the things you would see along the way. It is very simple, with bright and engaging pictures that young kids will love.

This is the kind of book that, when you read it, makes you go "Oh, that's such an obvious idea, I could have thought of that' but the more you read it the cleverer the idea and execution become, and anyway you didn't think of it... Eleanor Kerr did!

Who'll love it: 2 year olds, and preschoolers who have family overseas.
Cost: $19.95 ((hc)
Publisher: Random House Australia

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