Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Max by Marc Martin - book review

I really wasn't drawn to Max (could be because I have a bit of a bird phobia...) but my kids loved it from the moment they set eyes on it. 

I'm not sure if it was the uncluttered cover, the bright colour or the idea of a story about something as familiar as a seagull but there was no way I was going to escape reading it to them and I'm so glad I did!
Max is a wonderful story about things that are familiar and every day but have so much meaning, and we have read it over and over again and found something new in the words or the pictures every time.
Max is a seagull and he is friends with the local fish and chip shop owner (good idea for a seagull, right?) until one day a large mall comes and the fish shop has to close.

Max misses his friend but will he be able to find him again? 
The story is quiet, heartfelt and lovely and the pictures are incredible, kind of old fashion collage in style but so much better than that sounds! There is a double page spread in the middle of the book that looks down on Max flying high above the beach which caused my 5 year old son to exclaim out loud when he saw it.

It's got great themes about development and change, friendship and loyalty. But mostly it is just a simple, moving story that easily meets the test of repeated readings.
Honestly, this one is a winner.

Who'll love this: Boys and girls aged 3 to 6 
Cost: $24.99


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