Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Princess and the Peas by Caryl Hart and Sarah Warburton - book review

A funny tale for royally fussy eaters everywhere ...

This book is BEYOND cute.

It is divine.

The story is so clever and the pictures have so much character and life.

Honestly, it is brilliant and all four-year-old girls should have a copy.

"Lilly-Rose May was a sweet little girlie,
Her eyes were bright blue and her hair was so curly."

Everything is wonderful is Lily-Rose May's world until one day her Daddy tries to feed her peas. Lily-Rose May won't eat them so her Daddy calls the doctor who, using the story of The Princess and the Pea as evidence, announces that any girl who is pretty, polite and allergic to peas must be a princess.

So Lily-Rose May gets packed off to the castle to learn to be a princess. She loves the jewels and dresses but it turns out that there is something worse to eat than peas...

The book is hilarious and has a brilliant message about eating food you don't like.

And the best thing ... the rhyme actually rhymes and the rhythm is perfect for reading out loud.

Love it!!!

Who'll love it: Little girls aged 3-5, plus me and my husband!
Cost: $22.99
Publisher: Nosy Crow, distributed by Allen and Unwin

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