Monday, 25 February 2013

In the country you can't...

One of my dearest friends lives in the country. Their property is amazing and their dedication to it even more so.

It isn't their first property in the country - before this one they lived in the mountains behind Cairns and it was there that I discovered why living in the country is not for me.

Like their current property, their place in Cairns was stunningly beautiful. It was lovely and quiet. Their kids could run around outside all day. They had pets and an incredibe veggie garden. Sounds perfect right?

Well actually NO!

There is no takeaway in the country!

That sounds bad, doesn't it.

I mean bad about me, rather than bad about the country.

The thing is, my family doesn't even eat a lot of takeaway but the idea that, after one of those long painful days with the kids, there is no option but to cook dinner is pretty much more than I can cope with.

When you are a Mum there isn't a lot you can do to give yourself a little rest, even if it is just for a few moments. The only thing you can do to make more time in your day is to outsource something ... and the easiest/cheapest/most immediate thing to outsource is cooking.

And that's why I can't live in the country.

Because I could never cope with the idea that, at the end of a crappy day, I have NO OPTION but to cook my family dinner.

For what it is worth I think my friend is superwoman!

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