Monday, 28 January 2013

What makes for a great holiday with small kids?

The view from our veranda
We just came back from a week in divine Shoal Bay. It was our third time there and it has become a January holiday tradition for our family. It is slow and easy and all about old fashioned things like fish and chips on the beach.

While we were away I was thinking about what makes a great holiday with small kids. After all you're basically just doing the same things in a different location!

So, to make sure I get a holiday too, here's my must have holiday list ...

- It must be no more than 2.5 hours from home.
- It must be on the water.
- It must be a small place. I don't want to go somewhere that is crazy busy and a small location naturally caps the number of people who can be there at any one time.
- I want to be able to walk to most things. Putting my kids in and out of the car is not my idea of a good time so I want most places to be close enough to walk to. Plus somehow having everything close makes your holiday feel longer!
- The place that we stay has to have a nice view - we are still in the day sleep stage and so we spend a reasonable amount of the middle of the day stuck inside. I want a view that screams 'you're on holiday'.
- I want to eat food that I haven't cooked so there needs to be a selection of takeaway options ... all within walking distance.
- It has to have a good pool.
- All linen needs to be provided. Doing 15 loads of washing when you get home tarnishes that holiday glow pretty quickly!
- It needs to have a kitchen in the apartment and a grocery shop within walking distance.
- Ideally there will be a park with a BBQ nearby (not even I want to eat takeaway every night). In the case of Shoal Bay there are BBQs on the grass next to the bay ... divine!

I sound like a complete fuss pot, I know. And we do go on lots and lots of mini holidays that don't have all that stuff. But for our 'summer holiday' I want to go somewhere that gives all of us a holiday, including me.

In case you look for the same things that we do, I'd highly recommend Shoal Bay Resort and Spa. And no this blog post wasn't sponsored ... I WISH!  

What do you look for in a family holiday?


  1. I agree with all the above and our recent holiday to the Sunshine Coast ticked all the boxes except for the tiny fact that we live in Sydney so we had to fly there. I've been to Shoal Bay but haven't stayed at the resort. Sounds good.

    1. It is so important to make sure that you get a holiday too, isn't it! I've been thinking about the Sunshine Coast for a holiday but I can't cope with the idea of trying to control my kids in the airport : ) Maybe in a year or two...

  2. Great advice.

    It applies whether you are camping or staying in a 5 star resort.

    1. It's all about making sure you get a break too, isn't it!


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