Thursday, 15 November 2012

What would you change?

Spunk Rat and I, on our delicious child-free weekend away, were discussing the things in our past that we would do differently.

I don’t mean things like “I wish I hadn’t drunk the second half of the bottle of wine last night” I mean the big things – the decisions you make that, in retrospect, changed the course of your life.

I wish I had gone and lived overseas in my early 20s.

I had a serious boyfriend and great friends here and so I didn’t go. But I wish I had.

The thing is, I wouldn’t change the way things are now and the problem with hindsight is that you have to also accept that, had you chosen that other path, you probably wouldn’t have the life you have.

Perhaps I would be living in a castle on the edge of a windswept cliff in northern Scotland, married to a sexy Scot with an accent to die for.

Sounds pretty good in some ways but I can’t imagine that he would make me as happy (or annoyed, bless them) as Spunk Rat, Wild Man, Princess and my stepsons.

So, even though it is OK to look back, see the choices and acknowledge them, it seems pretty important to also acknowledge all the good things you have now and that the other road, the one you didn’t take, probably wouldn’t have led you to them.

When you look back can you see that some decisions you made actually change the direction of your life? Would you change your choices?


  1. I love that photo. I'm expecting to see a unicorn fly out of that enchanted castle any minute now. I often ponder the question of what I would do differently if I had my time over. I missed the opportunity to work overseas and I regret that. I would have handled my career path differently as well. There are certain relationships that with 20/20 hindsight I would have run a mile from. Still I cant complain. Things have turned out remarkably well despite all of the stuff ups I made in my 20s and early 30s.


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