Thursday, 1 November 2012


I need something to make my body go faster.

I've been analysing what on earth is going wrong at our place and in the end I've concluded that things would be better if I could go faster.

Adding more hours in to the day is clearly impossible (because if it were possible a mother would have done it by now) but if I could just make my body go faster I might have some hope of getting everything done.

Physically faster, and without getting tired.

Like the Ever Ready Bunny!

All of which got me thinking about an old flatmate of mine. She used to go out on Saturday night, take drugs, dance all night and then spend Sunday cleaning the house to use up her excess energy before crashing out of the couch and going to bed early to be ready for Monday.

I'm not a drug user. Never have been and, to be honest, I used to worry endlessly about my friend and her insane lifestyle.

But thinking back to those days did give me pause to stop and ponder whether drugs might be the key to managing motherhood ... *

Lots of energy, a false sense of positivity and not needing to sleep could really help with getting 749 loads of washing done in the next few days.

And I might finally have enough energy to keep up with my kids.

Of course drugs are illegal and I might end up in goal ... but if you catch me at the wrong moment even six months minimum security sounds awfully like a chance to have a rest!

Do you ever feel like you are on one of those little mouse wheels but you can't run fast enough?

*Please don't take this seriously. I don't mean to trivialise drug problems and definitely not to encourage their use. Drugs are terrible and destroy lives and should definitely be avoided.

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