Thursday, 23 August 2012

In the Lion by James Foley - book review

In the city there's a zoo.
In the zoo there's a lion
And in the lion there's ...

In The Lion is story about a lion who eats his dentist, hairdresser, chef and many more, until a brave little boy called Richard decides to put a stop to this very naughty behaviour!

With bright, fun pictures and a highly entertaining story this is a really lovely picture book that a wide range of kids will enjoy.

The text has wonderful repetition which gives it a really nice rhythm for reading out loud.

Little kids often like being able to repeat some of the words in a story with you and In The Lion really encourages that. If children are paying close attention to the pictures, or if you have read the book a few times, you might even find they are yelling out who is going to be eaten next.

The illustrations are fantastic, especially the expressions on the people (and lion's) faces, and there are lots of detail to discuss, especially if the children have been to a zoo themselves.

Adults reading the book will really enjoy the illustrations of Richard's parents and their naughty twins, although some of their experiences might feel painfully familiar.

In The Lion is an awesome book. It's bright, engaging and fast paced and I kept liking it, even when I had read it six times in a row (surely the sign of a well written book!).

Who'll love this: Little boys in particular, although all children will enjoy it.
Cost: $27.95
Published by Walker Books Australia


  1. Hi Vic, thanks for the review :)

    1. Hey James, no worries - thanks for the book, we love it. I'm surprised you can't hear my son screaming out "the dentist" every night at bedtime!


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