Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Exploring the big wide world

Today I took my kids to see the massive surf along Sydney's coast.

It was amazing - nature at its most inspiring and humbling.

We watched the waves (despite the fact that it was freezing Wild Man had to be convinced that it was not a swimming day), played at a park, had lunch and then played on the sand.

It was brilliant and I felt like SUCH a good Mum - all that fresh air and nature (and not a TV in sight!).

Our day out really got me thinking about the activities I do with my kids and how infrequently we venture outside our little local world.

Seriously, every week we go to the same park with a friend and her kids, the little ones play and my friend and I have a coffee from the local cafe ... and I love it.

I love that we walk to 'our' bakery for coffee in the morning and that they know our names, I love that we always go to the same supermarket, and that we always bump into friends at the park. 

But there are so many amazing things to do with your kids in Sydney, and lots of them are free. And I'm not taking advantage of them.

It's all there waiting ... You just have to be brave, organised and a little bit flexible with sleep times. And you need to think outside the square.
So watch this space because I'm on a mission now. Today was brilliant and only such a little bit more effort than going to our local park, so we'll definitely be doing exploring in the near future.

Do you get out and explore with your kids? Where do you go?

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