Saturday, 21 April 2012

Why Blogging Is Like Playing The Flute!

I've been thinking about this blog for months, I've got a list of post ideas a mile long in case I run out of inspiration and I agonised over the backgroud design for a depressing length of time. But now that I am actually doing it I am overwhelmed but how little I know.

I have no idea what SEO is, I love the idea of making a little bit of cash from the blog (always helpful if you are a stay at home Mum) but Adsense has rejected me (presumably because I have only been blogging for a week and have hardly any readers, and fair enough to be honest), I'm terrified of being sued, I don't really understand how to drive traffic to my blog, apparently I need to find what my niche is going to be and I need to find my blogging voice. Aaahhhhh!

I think the difficulty I'm having is that, having thought about it for such a long time, I had subconsciously been expecting blogging success immediately. I mean surely, even with all those other bloggers out there, the online readers of the world have been waiting just for me ... or not!

As you may have realised I'm not great with things that I'm not immediately successful at.

When I was about eight and having a dummy spit about learning to play the flute a very lovely family friend said "But Vic, I thought you said you wanted to learn to play the flute." I immediately answered "Nope, I said I wanted to PLAY the flute. I hate learning it!"

And it would seem that blogging is much the same.

But this time I am determined to persevere and I refuse to let myself hate the learning part. In fact I am kind of tantalised by this whole new world that I am discovering and in a strange kind of way I am enjoying learning a new skill.

I think some of the answer to my questions may lie with Nuffnang Blogopolis, a blogging conference that is being held in Sydney, and if I can just hang on until June all will become clear. There is a session about the mysterious SEO, so at least I can be sure that one of my questions will be answered!


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