Monday, 23 April 2012

Real Life Barbie, Do We Really Want to Look Like That?

I was blown away by the 'Real Life Barbie' story today.

I loved Barbie as a child, I loved the clothes, the cars and Ken. I thought she was so beautiful and I couldn't wait to grow up and be as glamorous and beautiful as her.

But as an adult do I really want to look like her? The answer is definitely no!

I wish I was skinnier, that my legs were longer and my butt smaller. And there are even some glorious women in the world that I would be happy to look a bit more like; Angelina Jolie, Heidi Klum, Christina Applegate to name a few. But not Barbie.

Why, you ask? Well, because she doesn't look real. Real women don't look like that, not even the famous ones, we have bigger waists, smaller eyes and fatter bums, we have laugh lines and grey hairs and cellulite.

I can't imagine that someone who looks like Barbie (either naturally or with a little help), having kids and a normal, nice husband and a house in the suburbs. I can't imagine her making friends at her son's preschool or getting filthy while camping with her kids. In fact, I can't imagine her living anything that remotely resembles my life.

So whether Valeria Lukyanova actually does look like a child's doll, or whether she used Photoshop to look like that doesn't matter. Either way she doesn't seems real and I think that's kind of sad.

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