Wednesday, 18 April 2012

It seems to me that no one struggles harder to maintain a 'work life balance' than a Mum. How do you love and care for your children 24/7 with all the crazy joy and total frustration that entails, without losing part of yourself along the way?

That's what I plan to examine in this blog but I promise, promise, promise that I'm not going to whinge. My life is good and happy and I have a lot of be grateful for!

So what will be in the blog? It is all pretty fluid still but I figure that it will largely fall into four categories ...
1) Complexities of family. By that I mean step families, toilet training, the gender of your kids etc etc etc.
2) Family fun. Great places to take your kids, craft ideas, recipies. You know the kind of thing I mean.
3) Things that I love. This is all the things I do to remind myself who I used to be before I was a Mummy. It is pretty broad - books, clothes, musicals, cocktails, candle lit baths, you know, the good things in life.
4) Kid's book reviews. I love kid's books. There are a lot out there and it can be really hard to find good ones!

So, there you have it, my first blog post. 


  1. Well there you go ... how did I miss hearing about your blog? I know, I was eaten by a ravening mummy ;)

    Well done on taking the leap and I must say looking forward to reading every single post!

  2. Thanks love. I haven't had it for long and for the first few weeks I didn't tell anyone because I was still trying to figure out what it was going to be... but here it is and I post in on fb when I update xxx


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