Wednesday, 25 April 2012

An Apology to my Mum #1

Now that I have teenage stepsons and two small kids of my own I am often horrified when I reflect on some of the things I did to my Mum. Some were thoughtless, some careless, some selfish and some just because I was a foul teenager.

Each time karma sends my stepsons to remind me of my past efforts I like to apologise to my Mum and I thought I would share those apologies with you.

Apology to my Mum #1: I'm so sorry for all the times I 'cleaned' my room by dumping all the clothes that were on to the floor, both clean and dirty, into the dirty washing basket.


  1. Parenthood is so enlightening in that way isn't it? The other week I was so grateful for all those times my parents must have cleaned up my vomit! That was after cleaning up after my little girl (again).

  2. It really is!!! It is so humbling to get really cross at my stepsons about something, only to realise that I used to do it too. My Mum just laughs when I apologise : )

  3. LOts of saying sorry round here too - you see that misbehaving and it's like your reliving an old fight from your childhood only the tables have turned.


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