Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Christmas, it's just not for women!

In the last three weeks our family have:

- celebrated an 18th (and had a big party at our house)
- celebrated Christmas (and had a big party at our house)
- been to a big Boxing Day party
- Spent 5 days away with 35 other people to celebrate New Year
- celebrated a 4th birthday (and had two separate parties at our house)

It has all been a bit much really and I'm seriously tired.

So today I've been trying to work out what exactly has been so overwhelming and I've finally got it down to one thing ... FOOD.

Deciding on what it will be, how much, how much to spend, is there enough, trying to fit it all in the fridge, deciding what order to prepare it in, finding enough bowls, deciding the right time to start serving, worrying people won't like it, worrying they will like it and there won't be enough and decorating bloody birthday cakes!

Oh, and lets not forget cleaning up after people have been eating food at my house.

Honestly I'm so over food that I would be happy to eat cereal and takeaway for the rest of my life.

We're going away next week and the rule this year is that we will have at least one bought meal per day.

My husband asked why (!!!). I calming and quietly (not) explained that otherwise it isn't a holiday for me.

I think my Mum summed it up best when I was at her house at 10.30pm on Christmas Eve (you guessed it ... dropping some food off) she came out with this immortal line "Christmas, it's just not for women."

I do love Christmas but that is so true!

Have you been exhausted by the 'holidays'?


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