Thursday, 20 September 2012

Vanguard Prime: Goldrush by Steven Lochran - book review

I LOVED this book!

I literally couldn't put Goldrush down, which is pretty impressive because I am hardly the target audience.

It is fast paced and exciting and I stayed up until 11.30pm to find out what happened in the end (a pretty big thing when your kids sleep as badly as mine do).

So let me fill you in ... Sam Lee is a normal teenager until he discovers he has superpowers and is asked to join Vanguard Prime, a group of superheroes who keep the world safe. Perfect right? Well it turns out that being a superhero isn't always a great as you think it will be.

The best thing about this book is definitely the writing which creates such a clear image in your mind and keeps you on the edge of your seat, but I also really liked the way that Sam's life is far from perfect now he is a superhero - he's lonely, frightened and has to learn a whole PR spiel about his new identity.

The author, Steven Lochran, says he always wanted to be a superhero and he has really been able to imagine what would happen to a kid whose dream suddenly came true.

The action is pure superhero fantasy but the personality of the characters and Sam's struggles with his new life give the book an added depth.

Apparently 'superheroes are the new vampires' when it comes to books and I can only imagine that the Vanguard Prime series will be leading the charge.

Who'll love this: Boys aged 8-14 (and me)
Price: $14.99
Publisher: Penguin Books Australia    

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