Sunday, 19 August 2012

Vote now: What do kids do that makes the most work for their parents?

I've been thinking about the single act that a child does that makes the most work for their parents.

There are so many things that they do that make work for us, but what one thing makes the most?

My money is on vomiting in the car.

Princess projectile vomited in the car on the way home from the kindy drop off this morning, poor little monkey, and it took me about 80 minutes to get her, me and the car cleaned up.

And the job is far from over because once the seat and the seat cover are dry I'll have to put them back in the car, and there is a load of washing in the machine as we speak that will need to be hung out and then brought back in ... so I'm thinking total time involved in the clean up is going to be well over two hours.

This kid's parents are clearly
way more organised than me!
Of course I don't mind, well actually I do mind but I don't blame her and I feel really awful that she's so miserable and sick. But bloody hell it's a lot of work added in to my day, and its not like I was going to be lying on the couch reading a book and drinking a latte to start with.

So I say vomiting in the car but I'm open to suggestions and perhaps I've missed something else that kids do ...

Certainly my Mum would argue strongly that a dirty nappy and finger painting in your cot when your parents think you are asleep makes a lot of work. But surely sheets are easier to wash than a car seat?

And my mother-in-law is a veteran of having all of her cereal packets opened and emptied on to the kitchen floor. But as long as you are prepared to throw all the cereal out that one only needs a broom to fix it so I don't think it is even in the running. And cleaning up cereal isn't gross so she loses points there too.

So tell me, what's your vote for the single thing that a child can do to make the most work?


  1. Wow. I was thinking exploding poo bombs in the car, but at least that's only a seat dismantle and wash. Vomit definitely wins!

    1. Eeewww Sunny. Hard to imagine which one is worse ... these are the things they don't tell you about parenthood!


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