Sunday, 12 August 2012

Cossie shopping post babies - it's not all about smoothing the bumps

So, we all know that swimming costume shopping post-babies was never going to be a good thing.

But the other day I was amazed to find myself happily choosing to buy the costume that looked second best.

Bahahahahaha yeah right!
In my dreams.
Unless you are a famous person or superwoman once you have grown a baby in your tummy you will almost definitely be fatter, flabbier (not the same thing), whiter, hairier and many other negative words ending in 'er'.

Goodness knows I am!

So you can imagine my surprise when, having tried on a few costumes, I didn't choose the one that smoothed the bumps and gave me a frankly amazing (and undeserved) hourglass figure.

I chose the one that that I perceived to be a 'younger persons costume'.

I've pretty much some to terms with the idea that my bikini days are behind me (unless some kind of miracle relating to exercise, chocolate cake and self control happens) but as it turned out I'm not ready to buy something that people my Mum's age* might try on ... however flattering.

I do know that what costume you wear doesn't change how old you look. But, for me, it did change how old I felt.

And if I have to go to the beach or pool and stand next to friends who haven't yet had kids, or who have done better at getting back to their pre-baby body, I don't want to look like I'm wearing a Nanna costume.

Even if I looked better in that costume then the one I bought!

Call me paranoid if you like but my time of being a 'young person' is slipping past and I don't want to hurry it on its way by my costume choice!

And, you know, when I went on to the costume designer's website the cossie I bought was in the 'Youth' section and the one I didn't buy was in 'Women' so clearly I'm not completely crazy!
Would you trade a costume that made you look better for a costume that made you look younger?

* This should not be taken as a criticism of people my Mum's age who are clearly awesome, sexy and amazing!
This is the one that looked best - insanely flattering!
image by Zoggs
This is the one I got - makes me feel younger and hides most of the bumps! image by Zoggs


  1. We need pictures and descriptions of what 'mummy' vs 'youth' costumes look like... AAAND details of where to find these amazing tummy smoothing ones - so I can wear it under my normal clothes too!

    1. Hahahaha Sunny, they are Zoggs brand (and so hopefully will survive lots of swimming with the kids). I saw them at Ryde Aquatic Centre and they were only $85!!!! Pics added above. Let me know what you think.... : )


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