Saturday, 9 June 2012

I'm grateful for ... my step-sons

Having step-kids is is hard thing. There is a reason that so many second marriages break up and I personally think it is because there are just so many complications ... his kids, her kids, money and lack of, ex-partners and so on.

I've been really lucky. My step-sons are great. We have always got on well and I think they are really cool people. But that doesn't change the fact that sometimes two more people needing time and attention, especially from my husband, can be really hard.

But today Blackie the 17-year-old one is being amazing. As I type this he is washing the dishes after dinner, he supervised Wild Man on the toilet and read him his bedtime story and, when Princess started eating potting mix today it was him that dived in and saved her (he then played with her while I finished gardening).

At the moment, when Blackie is here it is like having another helpful, engaged adult living in the house and it is great.

Next week he might be back to being a smelly, self-obsessed teenager but right now he is my hero!

(Yay for Maxabella's 52 Weeks of Grateful)


  1. hi! just wanted to stop by and say hello! I'm your newest follower and i found you through the 52 weeks of grateful which i am doing as well but i'm doing all vlogs! (videos!) which i thought would be fun! anyways, great post, I think it's wonderful to see what everyone is thankful for cause it just makes me that much more thankful/grateful myself, so thank you!! have a great week!!

    1. I love 52 weeks too - its so good to stop and think about what's good in life, rather than focusing on the negative. Its also nice to see such a friendly, positive online activity amongst all the angst!!
      Vlogs - Im so impressed. I haven't been blogging for long and still get a bit confused by the technology!
      You have a great week too.

  2. That's beautiful! I bet he feels the same about having you in his life. You're right though - it does sometimes feel like we're being pulled in quite a few directions! xx

    1. Thanks : ) You're so right about all the directions ... and there's always enough love but not necessarily enough hours in the day!!! xx


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